Responsive web design is design that makes your website render and scale perfectly on all devices – desktop, tablets & mobile devices. This has gone from being an option, to becoming a necessity for practically all website owners. There are the few exceptions that can do away without a responsive website.

With the surge of mobile devices taking over our everyday operation, we take a look into damning evidence for the need to have your website be responsive.

In 2014, the amount of users viewing the internet via mobile overtook the amount of users viewing the internet via Desktop devices. In 2015, the average internet use by mobile users are estimated at 2.8 hours per day, compare to 2.4 hours per day for desktop users. Let’s take into consideration that the natural action of humans browsing the net prefer to scroll vertically than horizontally. It’s estimated that a user makes up their mind within the first few seconds of whether to continue viewing a site or abandon it. Let your first impression count!

Jenry Ollivierre

Jenry is a passionate coder, who specialises in web development, utilising various tech stack such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Wordpress & Laravel. He's an avid Cricket fan and follows the sport religiously!

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