About Us

Redux Concepts is a web development, media and communications company that specializes in meeting the needs of small to medium sized firms and individuals


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Our story

Created by Shari John and Jenry Olliviere, Redux Concepts was borne out of the desire to provide affordable web design and website management solutions to small and medium sized companies. As entrepreneurs, we have experienced first hand, the challenges of finding quality web and media solutions at an affordable price. In a digital world however, your online presence is vital to how potential clients or even employers see and engage with you.

Oftentimes, your website, or lack there of, which also sends a a not so great message, is the the first impression people get of you. Our goal therefore, is to provide the tools necessary to assist small and medium sized firms and individuals to meet their online marketing needs. And, fortunately, thanks to that digital world, we can help regardless of what part of the world you are.